The Journey A Survivor Takes Is A Choice The Healing...Takes Courage!


I’m Not Alone

Pain is universal- everyone relates
when your heart is open- you can change your fate
Now I know the reason- I am standing here
I have a higher purpose- it’s time for me to share
I’m not alone.. in my pain… I’m not alone

Step into the future-feel the strength inside
though your legs are shakey- it’s time for you to thrive
I lived my life surviving- I chose to run and hide
the pain was overwhelming-when my sister died

I buried all my passion- I buried all my dreams
all the shattered pieces-no one heard the screams
I walk with all the memories- I carry all the pain
though my future’s brighter-I’ll never be the same
but pain is universal- everyone relates
though the stories vary- the feeling’s all the same
Those who lost the battle- the illness took their life
those who suffer silent-hiding grief and strife
those who find no reason-the world is not their place
those whose battered memories-left a haunting trace
those who sleep on pavement- those who go unseen

Those who chose to opt out-sacrifice their dream
those whose minds desert them-playing tricks and games
those who can’t surrender-anger fuels the flames
those who go unnoticed-feeling only shame
those whose wounds are open-feeling only pain
those who only martyr-leave themselves behind
those who close their hearts off-afraid of what they’ll find

but pain is universal-everyone relates
when your heart is open-you can change your fate
now I know the reason- I am standing here
I have a higher purpose-it’s time for me to share:

I’m not alone… In my pain… I’m not alone…